is a public service provided by Billing Services Group (BSG), AccuData Technologies, IDology, Infutor, LexisNexis, and Veratad. This site is designed to help consumers understand charges on their phone bill and know how to protect themselves from cramming.

Our Principles Include:

Screening and Monitoring of All Service providers

Before being permitted to have charges for their services included on consumers’ phone bills, service providers must pass a rigorous review of their business that includes background checks, site inspections and a comprehensive review of business operations. Service providers are continuously monitored to ensure they meet high performance expectations.

Provision of Terms and Conditions With Every Sale

All consumers must be provided with terms of conditions of each purchase, and service providers must confirm that consumers accept these terms and authorize their purchase before a transaction is completed.

Validation of Information for Online Purchase

When making an internet transaction, consumers must provide proof of their identity, which is validated by the merchant before the transaction can be completed. Service providers’ systems prevent purchases that originate from suspicious IP addresses, and transactions are denied if multiple authentication attempts fail.