“Third-party billing aids in reducing administrative costs for 1+ providers, which are ultimately passed on as cost savings to end-user subscribers.” –Coalition for a Competitive Telecommunications Market

What Others Are Saying About Third Party Billing “Wireless carrier third-party billing is a meaningful and arguably significant positive contributor to the economy. Many businesses rely on this service because it reduces their operational costs and is both convenient for … Continue reading

Ways To Fight Phone Cramming

The Star Ledger by Blanca DeLeon (NAPSI) Each year, millions of consumers benefit from the ease and reliability of having charges for services and products placed directly on their home phone bill. The ability to pay for multiple services through … Continue reading

TIP #3: Review any unfamiliar charges with other members of your household.

Thank you for visiting to KnowYourPhoneBill.org, a leading resource for learning how to recognize un-authorized charges on your phone bills. As part of our on-going efforts, we provide quick and simple tips you can use each month to monitor your … Continue reading