28 de marzo de 2012

“Third-party billing aids in reducing administrative costs for 1+ providers, which are ultimately passed on as cost savings to end-user subscribers.” –Coalition for a Competitive Telecommunications Market

What Others Are Saying
About Third Party Billing

“Wireless carrier third-party billing is a meaningful and arguably significant positive contributor to the economy. Many businesses rely on this service because it reduces their operational costs and is both convenient for and expected by consumers.”


“The ability to bill third-party purchases to a consumer’s wireless bill is an easy and convenient means for consumers to pay for small value charges without using credit or disclosing sensitive credit card or bank information to third parties.”

–Sprint Nextel Corporation

“Practices like third-party billing are essential to businesses and consumers—particularly those within the Hispanic community…….Third-party billing benefits millions of consumers by providing them the opportunity to have one bill; by increasing the competition of many services such as long distance which results in lower prices for consumers; by reducing the number of checks consumers must write to pay their bills, therefore easing the management of their personal finances; and by providing a payment alternative that does not carry a high interest rate.”

–League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

“Recognizable  segments of the population, such as hospital patients and their families and  detention facility inmates, by necessity, must rely upon collect calling  services in order to reach family and friends. And, even as payphones continue to dwindle in number, collect calling still appeals to mainstream consumers as  an important telecommunications option when other calling options are not available.”

–1 800 COLLECT, Inc.

“Allowing customers to use their prepaid and pay-in-advance wireless accounts to pay for third-party goods and services in this manner is an important next step in the wireless revolution. Prepaid and pay-in-advance wireless services are evolving into a transaction platform where the wireless device itself is a form of charging instrument.”

–MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

“The availability of third party billing through the customer’s existing local telephone invoice is a key convenience for OBA’s customers, which typically do not have dedicated accounts payable departments and appreciate the reduction in the number of invoices to be managed each month.”

–Online Business Association, Inc.

“Third-party billing services play a key role in efforts to stay competitive and manage operations in a way that is both time- and cost-effective……The individual consumer gains great value as well. The Hispanic community relies on reduced-rate long-distance services, for example, which allows individuals to save money on calls to and from friends and family in other countries.”

–Hispanic Leadership Fund

“[The] availability of third-party billing provides an important vehicle for unaffiliated providers like PC Protect to compete with the cost and convenience telephone companies offer to their own subscribers.”

–Personal Content Protection

“During these difficult economic times, my business tries to save money everywhere we can, and third-party billing helps consumers like us afford services such as long-distance calling, voicemail and Internet, voice over IP, e-fax, operator assisted calls and many other services offered by small service providers that do not have their own billing systems.”

–RGS Enterprises

“We appreciate being billed for our long distance calls on the local phone bill. No extra check needed. No long-term contract, no payment in advance or deposit and no automatic renewal date. We simply pick up the phone and make our calls.”

–Union Worker Communications

“Hundreds of thousands of Hispanic households rely on third-party billing services because they enable these households to save money on telephone calls, Internet-related services, and other products.”

–Inter American Businessmen Association